Friday, May 18, 2012

The Legend Of Bigfoot (1976)

As far a cryptids go, Bigfoot is the "big boy on block."  The name doesn't just cover the creature commonly referred to by the name Sasquatch in the pacific northwest of the US anymore; it is now used for all types of worldwide primate like creatures, from the Yeti to China's own Yeren.  These types of creatures are reported all over the world from the everglades to Australia.  In the one place that actually has the most primates, Africa, I could find little cultural references to such primate bipedal creatures, save for one small one in east Africa.  Africa seems instead to be overrun by "reptile/dinosaur" creatures of unknown origin.  Having said all of that, this documentary is one the strangest of all!  It's just weird--has no Bigfoot footage and just a really odd artifact from the 1970's.  It's some sort pastoral exercise that shows a lot of wilderness (no shrinking) and talks a lot about Bigfoot!  WEIRD!

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