Saturday, May 12, 2012

Random Hitchcock: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

This really is one of my all time favorite Hitchcock movies; and I think it far and away out shines his 1956 remake with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day.  I've admitted that I am a big fan of Peter Lorre, and his turn as the utterly evil Abbott in this film!  It is has many more moments to slip in truly dry, humorous moments than the remake has, this for me, makes the evil parts a whole lot darker.  Another plus for this version is the rapping good gun battle at the end, and even then, some jokes references keep coming.  OK, admittedly, the Metropolitan Police come off a bit "Keystone Copish" on occasion, but in the end they get the job done.  Overall, there are just so many more really sick scenes in this version, whereas in the other version there is menace, real danger even, but not much, if any of that twisted Hitchcock mindset coming out.  One note:  this was young child actress Nove Pilbeam Hitchcock debut, she would go to star in Young and Innocent (1937).

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